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Cultural and Folkloric Association "Urbanitas"
8, Brunori Square
62021 Apiro (MC)

The folkloric Circle "URBANITAS" was formed in 1933 with the aim of conserving and spreading abroad the rural traditions and culture of the 19th-century Marches, traditions generated within a society engulfed in such severe poverty, that occasions for celebrating festivals were indeed rare.
And precisely because they were rare, the holidays constituted events that were truly unique, which everyone strove to experience and enjoy as intensely as possible.

Nino ManfrediOn such occasions, consequently, the peasants of the Marches, to the accompaniment of sprightly music and vivacaous dance steps sometimes bordering on the phrenetic, gave free play to their deep-seated longing to have fun and enjoy themselves.
Spanning several decades since its foundation, "URBAPģITAS" has contributed weightily to keeping alive and to making widely known the rural traditions and culture of the Marches. On this account, the Association constitutes a center of reference for those who are interested in researching thoroughly the various aspects of the local, popular music, dances, costumes and traditions.

Although at the beginning of its activity "URBANITAS" restricted the field of its endeavors to the Marches, from the 1960's on, however, it has extended its operations to the entire Nation, having participated likewise in the filming of Dino Risi's "Straziami ma di baci saziami" starring Nino Manfredi.

The Center is also proud to have taken part in several televised transmissions aired both on regional and on national channels. During the 1970's, when "URBANITAS" began to establish itself likewise, however gradually, throughout other countries of Europe, at the same time "NIINIGRUPPO URBANITAS" came into being and began to take its first steps.

From 1970 on, moreover, the Association collaborates with the municipal administration of Apiro in organizing the annual international folkloric festival "TERRANOSTRA APIRO".

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