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Cultural and Folkloric Association "Urbanitas"
8, Brunori Square
62021 Apiro (MC)


Ours, is a tale of traditions, passed on from father to son. So, in many of these pictures, we could note some children, that alredy much little wear the costume of the "Urbanitas" group.

On the '60 years take form a real "small group", formed by children of age between five and ten years. The "small group" has a real own show, that, even if with choreographies naturally simplified, trace the one of the main group "Urbanitas" on the basic dances.

An initiative that still today gain an huge success, infact almost fifty little dancers and musicians take part on it. The more adults and experienced girls introduce them into the folklore world, teaching them the dances techniques and the secrets of some steps.

The exibition of those children is always waited along with trepidation, when during the main free days, they go up the stage as little miniatures, dancing a lively Saltarello.


Un momento dello spettacolo...


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