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Cultural and Folkloric
Association "Urbanitas"
8, Brunori Square
62021 Apiro (MC)

The cultural and folkloric association "URBANITAS" participates actively in organizing the internatlonal folkloric festival TERRANOSTRA, a gala affair celebrated annually in Apiro from August 7 to August 15.

Inaugurated in 1970 under the auspices of C.I.O.F.F., TERRANOSTRA steadily consolidated its success in the following years, having become at the present time one of the most important folkloric festivals in Italy.

The yearly celebration constitutes one of the most important and eagerly awaited events in the social and cultural life of our little town, which during the August holidays most willingly hosts the joyful and peaceful invasion of people who hail from a wide range of countries both far and near.

The festival officially initiates with the presentation of the guest performers, who are received by the mayor in the boardroom of the City Hall, where a welcoming ceremony takes place, together with an exchange of gifts. The gala is customarily brought to an end on the evening of August 15, by an impressive and fascinating concluding performance.

The folkloric troupes, or companies, the real protagonists of TERRANOSTRA, enliven the atmosphere throughout the duration of the festival as they alternately execute one stage performance after another, displaying in the process a vast array of voices, musical styles, rhythms, movements and dances, which the creativity of the various cultures has produced over the centurie as an authentic expression of their individual ethnic spirit.

The performances instill in the audience impressions which, although difficult to describe, invariably register, nonetheless, great success with the spectators. During the August festival, moreover, the unusual presence in Apiro of folkloric groups so markedly diversified in nationality and ethnicity, cannot but be considered truly noteworthy. In fact, the friendly, and even fraternal, association and collaboration of such heterogeneous groups bear witness to a pervading hope and desire that all people may be united in peace and brotherhood.

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